ProCellax VDIHF

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ProCellax VDIHF


What It Does:
  • Enhances immune cell function and cell metabolism.
  • Healthy response to inflammation.
  • Healthy cell and organ function.
  • Reduces oxidative cellular damage.
Benefits of This Product:Supports and strengthens immune health Inhibits pathogenic organisms Helps maintain the body’s normal response to inflammation Reduces oxidative cellular damag Supports normal detoxification processes

ProCellax VDIHF is a powerful proprietary blend of herbs, plant and microbial proteases, and other antioxidant, antimicrobial and immune-modulating enzymes.

ProCellax VDIHF contains SEBPro V , a unique blend of five protease enzymes. Proteases – systemic enzymes that break down proteins – support the body’s response to inflammation, promoting immune health.

This is combined with several antioxidant enzymes and herbs including lysozyme, chitosanase, catalase, rutin and grapeseed extract for complete, broad-spectrum defense.

ProCellax VDIHF is expertly formulated to maintain and restore maximum health by strengthening the body’s immune system,  reducing free radical damage, inhibiting pathogens, reducing inflammation and providing support for the most challenging of health disorders.

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