ProCellax E

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Quick Overview

ProCellax E


What It Does:
  • Total body inflammation support.
  • Supports overall metabolic health.
  • Healthy blood circulation & cleansing.
  • Recovery from muscle soreness.
  • Joint and tendon health.

Benefits of This Product:

Supports the body’s healthy response to inflammation

Enhances blood circulation and cleansing

Reduces C-Reactive protein levels

ProCellax E is a powerful blend of systemic enzymes and herbs formulated to maintain healthy joint function, circulation, fibrin metabolism and support the body’s normal inflammatory and healing processes.*

The serrapeptase, bromelain, papain and other proteases in ProCellax E facilitate the body’s defense against circulating immunecomplexes (CIC’s) formed during immune response. If CIC’s are not broken down completely, they can keep the body in a perpetual state of inflammation.

In addition, ProCellax® E’s enterically coated serrapeptase breaks down fibrin, a protein that supports the body’s normal blood clotting capability but is detrimental in excess and in areas of inflammation. Enteric coating allows serrapeptase to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach, providing optimum absorption in the small intestine and greater systemic activity.

A complete systemic enzyme formula, ProCellax E helps keep the body healthy and balanced.

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